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Discover Regina

At Regina, we pride ourselves on always thinking ahead of the curve. We’ve decided to re-introduce nutrition from the beehive with a fresh perspective. Using our expertise in product and ingredient innovation, we’re using the richness and rarity within the Honey ecosystem to fill the gaps caused by today’s busy lifestyle. 

So how does this all materialise into our product range? 

We are re-introducing Regina’s rich tradition of honey-based supplements, packaged with care and premium aesthetics. But, but, but. We’re not here to throw you into the deep end with something new. We find utmost satisfaction in creating an impact. An impact on your wellbeing that is not only effective but essential. A formulation, so efficient that it is not only easy to take and easy to absorb. Our products are a nudge towards conscious health additions, that they bring you one step closer to where you want to be.